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:''The Big Wu was derived from the nickname for the volcano in Joe Versus the Volcano which is actually spelled The Big Woo.'' '''The Big Wu''' is a rock 'n' roll jam band from Minnesota. The group is composed of Al Oikari, Andy Miller (bassist)|Andy Miller, Chris Castino, Mark Joseph Grundhoefer and Terry VanDeWalker. The band made a mark on the jam band scene with a reputation for hook-oriented songwriting and as one of the earliest jam bands from the Midwest to achieve some national success. Relentless touring in the late 1990s and early 2000s built a loyal fan base that call themselves "family," many of whom get together for the band's recurring music festival, the The Big Wu Family Reunion|Big Wu Family Reunion. From 1998-2006, the band annually held the The Big Wu Family Reunion|Family Reunion on Memorial Weekend, and they frequently hold a Wu Years Eve event on December 31. The band has...
Alias| origin = Northfield, Minnesota|Northfield, Minnesota, United States|U.S.
GenreRock music|Rock, Jazz fusion, Progressive rock, Jam band
Years active1992–present
LabelPhoenix Rising (record label)|Phoenix Rising, BIVCO Records, Oarfin Records
Associated actsGod Johnson, Cloudsplitter
Website| current_members = Chris Castino (Guitar/Vocals)
Andy Miller (Bassist)|Andy Miller (Bassist)
Terry VanDeWalker (Drummer/Vocals)
Al Oikari (Keyboards)
Mark Joseph Grundhoefer (Guitar/Vocals)
Past membersJason Fladager (1992-2002)
Chip House (Drummer)|Chip House (Drummer)
Andrew Eklund (bassist)|Andrew Eklund (Bassist)
Nathan Eklund (Keyboards)|Nathan Eklund (Keyboards)
Notable instruments}}
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